Safeguarding Your Home Against Wildfire Smoke

smoke air purifiersWildfires happens mostly in dry areas but it is always better to know what to do if smoke enters your home and how to safeguard against it. The smoke released brings about awful threats to your health and is even worse for people with respiratory problems or pregnant women. Children can be affected by the smoke indoors because they have very delicate lungs and air passages, which upon inhalation of wildfire smoke, can be fatal. “Only you can prevent wildfires” –

In order to safeguard yourself and those around you against wildfire smoke, consider following these tips;


Prevent the wildfires from starting – comply with the local laws and regulation and make sure you check the weather condition before starting fires, do not burn waste during a windy day, also avoid burning highly flammable wastes. Do the burning in places that can be easily controlled when a wildfire starts.

Seek and follow your doctor’s advice – if you or your family member has a chronic condition, during the wildfire season, let your doctor give you early treatment or any respiratory management plans but if your condition worsens then immediately evacuate the area and contact your doctor.

Avoid activities that increase indoor pollution – when smoke levels are high; avoid smoking inside the house or burning stoves and candles as they add to pollution. Do not vacuum as this spreads dust but you can try using vacuums fitted with HEPA filters instead.

Buy an air purifier – these types of air cleaners can clear the indoor pollutants at a microscopic level and can filter out any contaminants that may be lingering in your home. Air purifiers are especially useful for smoke of all types, not just wildfire smoke but also, cigarette, cigar and any other type of tobacco. Some of the best home air purifiers for smoke can be found at

Stay indoors if you are advised to – in this case, maintain clean indoor air by keeping windows, doors and fireplace dampers closed, also make sure to always have extra filters in case your current ones become overwhelmed with the smoke.

Desert wildfire paths – immediately follow the evacuation orders from the authorities. Do not take shortcuts, they may lead you to worse conditions, just stick to the designated routes for your own benefit.

Do not depend on dust masks – dust masks are mostly found in hardware shops, where they are convenient because they protect one from large dust particles of wood dust, but during a wildfire, putting on these dust masks will not safeguard you against inhaling small harmful smoke particles.

Follow these simple steps will ensure that safety of you and your family. If you have any questions please contract us.

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